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 Our church History

The Iranian Church of Sacramento was started in Sacramento in 2001 by the Iranian Church of San Jose according to the vision of the pastors of that church, Pastor Hormoz Shariat and Pastor Kamil Navaei. This church was opened on the 6th of May 2001 with the presence of several Iranian Christian families. In the past twenty-two years, it has tried to bring the saving message of Jesus Christ to the Iranians of the Sacramento area.


During these years, the church has organized various programs such as educational classes on what Christianity is, life in the Kingdom of God and the principles of Christian life, and classes on marriage and inner healing.


Our church's weekly activities are home meetings or Cell groups, where we talk about the word of God in these weekly meetings, and this participation brings blessings to many people. 


Another of our annual programs has been holding summer conferences, which have blessed the participants with various programs.

The goal of our church is to bring the gospel message of salvation to dear Iranians, to bless them so that all Iranians can benefit from God's grace and love and live a victorious life.

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