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Nurturing Faith In Our Youth:

ICC Kid's Church


Welcome to the Kid's Church at the Iranian Christian Church of Sacramento – a haven of wonder and learning for our youngest members, ages 0 to 5 years old. Here, little hearts embark on an exciting journey of faith, love, and discovery. Our nurturing environment is designed to help them grasp the beauty of God's love and the stories of the Bible through engaging activities, age-appropriate teachings, and creative arts and crafts. Through interactive play, joyful songs, and simple yet profound lessons, we lay the foundation for a lifelong connection with God. At the Kid's Room, children learn, grow, and create precious memories that shape their faith journey. We are excited to welcome your child into our vibrant community of young explorers!





Interactive Bible Stories

Through engaging storytelling, children will be introduced to the timeless tales of the Bible, learning about heroes, miracles, and God's love. These stories will ignite their curiosity and lay the foundation for a strong faith journey.


Creative Arts and Crafts

Our Kid's Room is a place of creativity, where children will have the opportunity to explore their artistic talents while making crafts related to the Bible stories they learn. These hands-on activities will reinforce their understanding and help them express their faith in unique ways.


Joyful Worship

Children will experience the joy of worship through songs, dance, and simple prayers designed for their age group. By participating in these interactive sessions, they will develop a genuine connection with God and a love for praising Him.

Stories of The Good Shepherd

(Children's Bible in Farsi)

by Mohammad Sanavi

Explore 'Stories of the Good Shepherd,' one of the books cherished in our Kids Church. We're delighted to offer you a free downloadable copy, allowing your child to delve into the tales of faith and kindness that inspire our young ones in their spiritual journey.

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