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Welcome to our Resource Library, a virtual hub of spiritual growth and enrichment within the Iranian Christian Church of Sacramento. Here, you'll discover an array of downloadable treasures to support your faith journey. From various versions of the Bible to essential church documents, devotionals, and study materials, our library offers a digital collection designed to deepen your connection with God's Word and the teachings of Christ. Whether you're seeking to delve into scripture, gain insights for personal reflection, or explore church resources, our Resource Library is your gateway to a wealth of inspiration and guidance.

English Bible

Access our English Bible download to engage deeply with the transformative teachings of Christ and find solace and guidance in God's Word.

Persian Bible

Download our Persian Bible for a profound exploration of God's Word in the Farsi language, nurturing your spiritual journey with the richness of scripture.

Christian Maturity

رشد و بلوغ روحانی

Bait of Satan

دام شیطان

Good and Beautiful God

خدای خوب و زیبا

Breaking Intimidation

شکستن ترس 

Girls With Swords
دختران شمشیر به دست

God Where Are You?

خدايا كجايى؟!

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